E-gaming is a popular pastime in the Philippines, just like in every other part of the world. However, some games are more specific to the country. Examples include sabong and bingo titles. Despite the proliferation of casino games, players still need help finding the best online casino Philippines to play bingo. Not only this but how to use GCash to deposit and withdraw money. You’re in for a field day if you want to know more about GCash Bingo Plus. Our team of experts has provided this guide researched by PhilippinesCasinos.ph to guarantee Filipino players get the best services when playing with Bingo Plus. That said, read below how to play Bingo Plus in an online casino using GCash.

What is Bingo Plus?

Bingo Plus is an online bingo website in the Philippines. The platform is PAGCOR-licensed and specializes in delivering online bingo GCash titles. Bingo Plus has a dedicated mobile app that works with Android and iOS devices; players access it via a web browser. Apart from this, gamblers play the game through GLife. In addition, the platform hosts slots and e-poker and partners with GCash. As a result, individuals fund their accounts and receive money with ease.

Is Bingo Plus Legal?

Is Bingo Plus in GCash legit? Yes, it is. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) licenses the platform. In other words, they are legal and players in the Philippines access the website without a VPN.

Getting Started with Bingo Plus in GCash

Anyone who wants to play online bingo Philippines using GCash on Bingo Plus must be older than 21 and reside in the Philippines. Not only this, but they also need a valid mobile contact. Follow these steps to open an account:

Website and App Sign-up Up

  1. Visit the official Bingo Plus website. Alternatively, download and install the application.
  2. Confirm you’re at least 21 years old to access the homepage.
  3. Click login and enter your email or mobile number.
  4. Copy a 6-digit OTP sent into the relevant field.
  5. Tap next to complete the registration.

GLife Sign Up

  1. From the GCash main page, select the GLife button.
  2. Search for GLife Bingo Plus on the GLife page. Alternatively, click the Play Games button and select Bingo Plus.
  3. Accept the opt-in page.
  4. Enter the OTP in the relevant field to complete the registration.
Bingo Plus in GCash

Rules and Gameplay

Live bingo game rounds last for 10 minutes. Bingo Mega and Bingo Rush are two game variants available. The former uses a 5 x 5 card, and the number of balls pulled is 49. In contrast, the latter utilizes a 5 x 3 card, and the number of balls is 40. Regardless, the objective is the same. A player aims to increase winning chances by buying multiple cards and forming a diagonal, horizontal, and vertical line combination.

Players who wager extra patterns in the Mega variant win additional prizes. The bingo phase begins after the first 44 balls have been pulled and continues until the 49th ball is drawn. The value of individual cards ranges from 10 – 100 pesos. Meanwhile, players win Jackpot in Bingo Plus.

The goal is to match predetermined patterns on a card with numbers drawn. The pattern could be vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Take a look at common winning patterns below:

Winning patternsDescription
RegularComplete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line
Four cornersMarking all four corner numbers on the card
X marks the spotForming the alphabet X shape on the card
Postage stampFilling a small square of four numbers in one corner
Full houseCovering the entire card
T-shaped bingoForming a T shape on the card by marking specific numbers

How to Deposit Money into BingoPlus Using GCash

Follow these simple steps to deposit funds using GCash on the website or mobile application:

  1. Log into the website or mobile application.
  2. Click the ACCOUNT button and DEPOSIT. 
  3. Select GCash as the deposit channel and fill in the amount to deposit.
  4. Complete the form by clicking the CONFIRM and SUBMIT button.
  5. Fill out the GCash web pay form with your GCash number to complete the payment.
  6. Enter your OTP and MPIN to authorize the payment.
  7. The modal will close after it is successful and return to the homepage.

How to Withdraw in Bingo Plus Using Gcash

The withdrawal process of Bingo Plus Philippines is similar to a deposit. First, log in via the website or mobile app and click Withdrawal. However, players must connect their Gcash online casino accounts, create a wallet password, and complete the KYC. Configure a six-digit wallet password with a separate OTP if the registration is through a mobile number. Likewise, an ID is required during KYC verification. Once all of these are set, proceed with the withdrawal.

  1. Click GCash or attach your GCash online casino account to the bank account to process a withdrawal.
  2. Click the amount to withdraw and CONFIRM to proceed.
  3. Verify the transaction using OTP apart from the wallet password.
  4. The funds will arrive within the Bingo Plus withdrawal time limit.

Tips and Strategies for Success

Bingo is primarily a game of chance. Regardless, players apply a few strategies to increase their chances of success. They include:

  • Play multiple cards.
  • Don’t play during peak hours.
  • Understand the rules and explore different variants.
  • Manage your bankroll.
  • Take breaks and gamble responsibly.


Yes, playing bingo online and winning real money is possible when players bet real money and choose a trustworthy gaming platform.

Most platforms require players to pay before playing. The only exceptions are if the game is in the demo mode or the platform awards bonuses. In the latter’s case, the no-deposit bonus takes the place of an actual deposit.

1TG stands for 1 To Go. In this case, the player is one number away from completing the required pattern to win.

The numbers are called randomly, and each has an equal chance of being called. Hence, there is no way to know the most common numbers, especially since the games are designed to be fair and random.

Bingo is a combination of luck and strategy. However, a strategy is what differentiates a novice from an expert.