Lotto Result 6 55 2024

Lotto Result 6 55

Here’s the live official confirmed national latest Philippines lotto result 6 55 at 9 PM available. The winning lucky numbers of lotto results tonight 6 55 are in the following exact order:

6/55 Grand LottoApril 20, 2024
Winning Combination
(in any order)
Jackpot PrizePhp 29,700.000.00
Number of Winner(s)0

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Lotto 6 55 Previous Result

Here are the possible live lotto previous results for 6 55 for 9 PM last night’s draw is available in exact the order:

6/55 Grand LottoWinning Numbers
Winning Combination(in any order)22-55-24-48-44-43
Jackpot PrizePhp 114,870,471.20
Number of Winner(s)0

Players can access the full report of Lotto result 6 55 histories 2023.

Lotto 6 55 Draw National Winners

Prize ListNational WinnersWinning PrizeTicket Cost
Jackpot Prize0Php 32,474,564.60Php 20.00
1st Prize5Php 100,000.00Php 20.00
2nd Prize366Php 1,500.00Php 20.00
3rd Prize9,909Php 60.00Php 20.00

Basic History of Grand 6 55 Lotto

Grand Lotto 6/55 was presented in the Philippines on April 18, 2010. PCSO increased the picking number ranges from 1 to 55. Two-chamber Power Lotto Saturn Machine is also used for drawing purposes. The 6 55 lotto has a more difficult odds number, meaning the 6 55 lotto has rare winning chances compared to the 6/42, 6/45, and 6/49 lotto.

Why Play 6 55 Lotto

  • Lotto 6 55 is an open game to play.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to play it.
  • It’s a lot of probability of winning money.
  • You can win money 3 times a week.
  • You can claim prizes in an effortless style.

How to Play the PCSO Mega Lotto 6 55

Here are the simple and easy steps to play the 6 55 lottos:

  1. With the help of the 6 55 lotto slip, select six (6) number combinations from 1 to 55.
  2. If your mind is blank, go for Lucky Pick (LP), generated by a random computer number.
  3. With the help of the Lotto 6 55 system play, mark the odds of hitting for the jackpot prize.
  4. After choosing combinations, mark the amount of PHP 20.00 to play a bet.
  5. If you’re interested in the more consecutive combinations and number of draws you want to play, pay the amount of Php 20.00 for each combination.
  6. Ask the lotto operator service to mark your numbers and pay the amount.
  7. Now, wait for the lotto result 6 55 today.

Lotto 6 55 System Plays – Develop your Odds of Winning

A player has an opportunity to improve their Lotto 6/55 Jackpot winning chances via 6 55 lotto system Plays. Usually, you pick a maximum six-number combination. Still, this advanced option allows you to select more than six(6) numbers and creates several combinations of your chosen numbers. 

A bettor must pick eight(8) numbers from 1 to 55 with 84 combinations. These same ways apply to System 9, System 10, System 11, and System 12. Superlotto 6 55 system bet table information is given below.

System Play            Computed Numbers Cost with DST

System 5 Roll40 Possible SelectionsPhp 1,000.00
System 77 Possible SelectionsPhp 140.00
System 828 Possible SelectionsPhp 560.00
System 984 Possible SelectionsPhp 1680.00
System 10210 Possible SelectionsPhp 4200.00
System 11462 Possible SelectionsPhp 9,240.00
System 12924 Possible SelectionsPhp 18,480.00

Latest 6 55 Lotto Winning Prizes

1) Congratulations, if you’re lucky, you’ve won a minimum of PHP 29,700,000.00 and got six(6) digit winning combinations.

2) Congratulations, if you’re lucky, you’ve won PHP 100,000.00 and got five(5) digit winning combinations.

3) Congratulations, if you’re lucky, you’ve won PHP 1,500.00 and got four(4) digit same winning combinations.

4) Congratulations, if you’re lucky, you’ve won PHP 60.00 and got three(3) digit same winning combinations.

6/55 Lotto Payment Chart

Here are some other prizes also available for 5 out of 6, 4 out of 6, and 3 out of 6 numbers.

CategoryWinning No in Exact OderBet Cost with DST
2nd PrizeFirst 5 or Last 5 out of 6 NumbersPHP 100,000.00
3rd PrizeFirst 4 or Last 4 out of 6 NumbersPHP 1,500.00
4th PrizeFirst 3 or Last 3 out of 6 NumbersPHP 60.00


PCSO does not provide any online facility to purchase 6 55 lotto tickets. If someone offers online ticket access for the PCSO 6 55 lotto, take it with a pinch of salt and check whether it’s accurate. You must go to PCSO-authorized retail venues to buy tickets between 7 AM to 8 PM for the PCSO 6 55 lotto and win prizes.

How to Claim the 6/55  Lotto Prizes?

I know it’s essential for you to claim money from safe hands. There are some ways where you can claim your prizes safely.

For PHP 20.00 up to PHP 10,000.00

Suppose you’ve won a prize of PHP 20 or up to PHP 10,000 in 655 lotto draws. Cheers, you’ve to visit any authorized lotto outlet. 

For PHP 10,001.00 up to PHP 300,000.00

Suppose you’ve won an award of PHP 20.00 and up to PHP 500,000 in 6 55 lotto draws. Cheers, you’ve to visit your region’s nearest PCSO branch office.

For Jackpot Prize

Suppose you’ve won an award Jackpot prize in 6 55 lotto draws. Cheers, you’ve to visit the main head office of PCSO located at 605 Conservatory Building, Shaw Blvrd, Corner Princeton Street, 2nd floor, and Mandaluyong City.


Winners above PHP 10,000.00 must pay 20% tax according to the “Pursuant Train Law”

Rules for Playing PCSO 6 55 Lotto Draw

  • A better one should be 18 years old to claim the Lotto 6 55 winning prize.
  • A better one should choose between zero (0) and fifty-five (55).
  • A better one should pay 20% tax on PHP 10,000.00 and above prize.
  • The selling and buying tickets will be available between 7 AM to 8 PM.
  • A better should take care of the ticket to claim the prize.
  • A better visit our website daily for the latest updates of the PCSO lotto 6 55 result today.

Lotto Results 655 Draws Schedule

PCSO 6 55 Lotto Draw Procedure

PCSO 6 55 Lotto Draw Procedure

6 55 Lotto Hot and Cold Number

 Hot & Cold numbers of 6 55 lotto are drawn more repeatedly.

Hot Numbers

Here are the Hot numbers often drawn from the previous results 200 6 55 Lotto draws.

15 33 51 17 28 43 45

Cold Numbers

Here are the Cold numbers often drawn from the previous results 200 6 55 Lotto draws.

31 32 37 50 53 8 38


  1. Players should be 18 years old to buy, play, and claim the PCSO 6 55 winning lottery number prize.
  2. Players should pay 20% of the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) on every Php 20.00 655 lotto ticket.
  3. Players read the information carefully for data accuracy about PCSO lotto 6 55 tickets, like bet type, amount, date, and number.
  4. Players should take care of the ticket from water and temperature; otherwise, PCSO will not be able to claim your prize.
  5.  Players should purchase tickets from PCSO-authorized retail venues. PCSO isn’t offering any facility to sell tickets online.
  6. A player can also play 6 consecutive draws for the 6 55 lotto result today at 9 PM by marking the numbers on the 6/55 lotto slip.

Lotto Result 6 55 Today Live Streaming

Suppose you’re interested in watching the PTV latest lotto Results 6 55 Today hearings. For your ease, I’ve provided all the channel links from where you can watch live streams.

PCSO Announcement(s) and Notice(s)

According to the PCSO Officials, all tickets are sold by PCSO-specific selected outlets. If someone offers you purchased access, be aware that they are scammers.

When you buy winning tickets from any PCSO outlet, the PCSO agent will conduct a 1% commission on each ticket.

How Much Does 6 55 Lotto Ticket Cost?

The minimum ticket cost for the 6 55 lottos is Php 20.00 for each combination. Remember, 20% of DST is also included in it.


  • Lotto 6/55 is a simple and easy game.
  • PCSO Lotto 6 55 is a source of entertainment and can allow people to dream about jackpot prizes.
  • It has 3 draws weekly so that players can win prizes weekly.


  • The winning ratio of the 6 55 results today for Philippine jackpot winners is low at approximately 1% in some instances.
  • Players must understand that they aren’t guaranteed to win and only play with money they can afford to lose.
  • Playing the Lotto 6 55 is an addiction.


Lotto 6 55 was launched by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), a government-owned and controlled business aiming to raise charity and social services funds. PCSO 6 55 lotto result live is available Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 9 PM.

6 55 Lotto FAQs

You may win prizes of 6 55 lotto by playing three times a week and getting at least three(3) numbers in a row. You can win big prizes by getting more matching numbers.

Players can win prizes if they get combinations in the following sequences: three(3) out of six(6) for PHP 50.00, Four(4) out of six(6) for Php 1,500, and five(5) out of six(6) for PHP 100,000.00. If you get six(6) out of six(6) definitely, a jackpot(PHP 29,700,000.40) is waiting for you. 

A player can choose from seven available system plays. There’s System 5R, and System 7 up to System 12 offered. There’re available seven system plays. You’ve to select from 5R System up to 12 System.

Lotto results 6 55 today are updated daily here. If you’re interested in watching live streams of online results, visit our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, PCSO Offical website, and PTV 4 channel.

 You can select more than 6 numbers in lotto 6 55. System 7, System 8, System 9, System 10, System 11, System 12, and System 5-Roll (System 5R) are available for bettors to play system bets. In System 7, players can make seven(7) combinations if they decide to play the System 7 Play. The bettor has to pick eight(7) numbers from 1 to 55. In System 8, players can make twenty-eight (28) combinations if they decide to play the System 8 Play. A bettor must pick eight(8) numbers from 1 to 55.

Mega Lotto 6/55 LP, also known as lotto 649 Lucky Pick, is a random computer number generated automatically. If your mind is blank, go for Lucky Pick (LP), developed by a random computer number.

The chances of winning the jackpot in Lotto 6 55 results is less than  1 %.

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